PM Imran Khan likely to visit United States: Sources

PM Imran Khan likely to visit United States: Sources

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to visit United States this year as the relations between the allies in war against terror are once against moving towards ‘stability’ with Pakistan helping the US to find a negotiated settlement of Afghanistan.

“Ice has been broken; we are gradually moving towards the stable relations,” senior Republican and a close aide to US president, Sajid Tarar said during an exclusive discussion with The Nation.

Tarar discussed the highs and lows of relations between the two countries and said that their relations could not stabilise after former al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden was killed by US forces in 2011.

Already-tense relations between the United States and Pakistan took a nosedive when Trump accused the country of deceiving Washington in the global campaign against terror. Trump justified his decision to cut aid to Pakistan, telling Fox News that Pakistan ‘don’t do a damn thing’ for the US and blaming Islamabad for allegedly sheltering former al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden.

“Previous governments (in Pakistan) could not focus on foreign policy. They had no advocacy plans, no diplomacy. But things have now started improving now,” Tarar said.

The United States administration is looking forward to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit.

“To plan about Prime Minister Imran Khan’s trip is part of my agenda. Khan will come to US before 2020 and would have a wonderful reception. The administration is looking forward to see Khan in the US. Not only the US, the west is expecting positive results as they wanted to see the real change,” he added.

“I’m very pleased that the current administration wants to have trustworthy relations with Pakistan,” he added.