How much increase has been made in the prices of the Mobile Phones in Pakistan?

How much increase has been made in the prices of the Mobile Phones in Pakistan?

ISLAMABAD - Three different taxes on cell phones have been clubbed into one, FBR has revealed.

A combined tax will be imposed on import of mobile phone sets,” the FBR officials said in a press briefing regarding imposition of taxes under the third finance bill.

The FBR officials said Rs400 tax will be imposed on cell phone worth Rs10,000; Rs4,000 tax will be imposed on phone set worth 28,000; Rs6,000 will be imposed on phone set worth Rs60,000; Rs8,000 on phone set worth Rs105,000; Rs23,000 on mobile phone worth Rs150,000; and Rs41,000 on phone set worth more than Rs150,000.

However, the FBR said, no tax will be charged on prepaid mobile phone cards, which meant that the customer will get Rs100 balance on Rs100 top-up.

Announcing the removal of ban on non-filers to purchase cars above 1300cc, the FBR said they could now buy cars above 1300cc but with an increased tax.

The officials told that tax had been increased on non-filer’s buying a vehicle. They said tax on different cc vehicles had been raised for non-filers by Rs5,000 to Rs150,000.

“5 percent duty on import of newsprint abolished. Refund bond will be released in sales tax, while 10 percent profit on bond will be given up to three years. Fixed tax will be imposed to bring non-filers into tax net and the fixed tax will be imposed after consultation with traders,” said the FBR.

The board of revenue officials said those banks who gave loans for buying cheap houses, establishing small businesses and agriculture purpose would be given relief.

Withholding tax on remittances will be abolished and filers will be given tax relief for withdrawing money from banks. Withholding tax will be increased for non-filers by 50 percent, they added.

Overseas Pakistanis will be able to buy houses and vehicles on international passport, the board of revenue said.

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