China responds over Pakistan sponsored peace initiative for Afghanistan

China responds over Pakistan sponsored peace initiative for Afghanistan

PESHAWAR - Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing on Tuesday said his country supported the peace process sponsored by Pakistan for establishment of lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Yao Jing while speaking at a seminar regarding “Belt and Road Initiative and China Pakistan Corridor” at University of Peshawar (UoP), said that the restoration of peace in Afghanistan is possible via dialogue and that the process is in best interests of the entire region. He clearly said his country was hoping for positive results in the light of negotiations.

“It’s our earnest desire to see peace dialogue proves a success,” he said adding,” We do hope that USA and Taliban would reach some consensus during the ongoing peace overtures.” He further said that Pakistan’s sincerity and honesty was visible in the Afghan peace process and his government also wanted that peace and harmony restored in Afghanistan.

The Chinese envoy said that China wanted the economy of Pakistan to get strengthen and vibrant in which China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will play a pivotal role. In recent months, China has played a more active role in brokering peace in the region as stability in Afghanistan is critical to its Belt and Road policy of expanding trade links across Asia.

He commented that with the establishment of long lasting peace in Afghanistan, the new era of peace and certainty will prevail and its monetary condition will definitely improve with passage of time. Peaceful Afghanistan is in better interest of not only China but an entire region, he added.

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