A hijacking attempt on Russian passenger plane?

A hijacking attempt on Russian passenger plane?

MOSCOW - A passenger on a commercial airliner that was flying to Moscow from Siberia has been detained by law enforcement after he forced the plane to make an unplanned landing in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russian investigators said on Tuesday.

The passenger tried to break into the cockpit during the flight and demanded the plane change course, they said in a statement. He was drunk, it added.

The domestic flight made the emergency landing in Siberia after a passenger demanded the plane change course.

Russia's Anti-Terrorism Committee said in a statement the Aeroflot plane, travelling from Surgut in western Siberia to Moscow, "changed course at the demand of one of the passengers".

"The aircraft commander decided to land the plane in Khanty Mansiysk," a city 2,700 kms east of Moscow, the committee said.