Iranian officials meet Afghan Taliban: Afghan Intelligence report

Iranian officials meet Afghan Taliban: Afghan Intelligence report

KABUL: Some Iranian representatives have reportedly met with the Taliban group in southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Provincial governor Hayatullah Hayat informed regarding the possible meeting, saying the issue has been shared with the intelligence directorate for further confirmation.

Hayat cited preliminary intelligence report regarding the meeting and said the Iranians have met with the Taliban representatives in the restive Garamser district.

He also added that several Iranian rockets were also found after the Taliban used them to attack the provincial government compound.

According to Hayat, several rockets were fired on the compound when the group launched a coordinated attack and some of the rockets did not explode after impacting the buildings.

Hayat said the Iranian signs could be clearly read from the captured rockets.

This comes as the former Afghan intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil earlier said Iran is supporting the Taliban group to counter the growing influence of ISIS in the country.

Nabil said the group is receiving financial and equipment support from Iran, particularly in the western parts of the country.

Nabil further added that Russia’s interest towards Afghanistan has also grown as the violence has spread in northern parts of the country since 2014.