COAS to deliver tough message to Afghan leadership over terrorism issue

COAS to deliver tough message to Afghan leadership over terrorism issue

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Army chief General Qamar Bajwa would likely visit Kabul after President Donald Trump’s administration announces its policy on the Afghan situation.

But whenever the army chief would travel to Kabul, he plans to deliver a ‘clear message’ to the Afghan leadership: “Stop blaming Pakistan for your own failings”.

Gen Qamar is also expected to inform the Afghan leadership in categorical terms that Pakistan is not patronising any group or providing them sanctuaries, according to the official familiar with the development.

In fact, he would present ‘compelling evidence’ of how some elements within the Afghan government are supporting terrorist groups that are launching attacks in Pakistan.

The official said the army chief, however, would renew Pakistan’s commitment to supporting efforts seeking a political end to chronic instability in Afghanistan.


Army Chief after taking over the command of Pakistan Army has reaffirmed stance to build the bridges between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two Islamic neighbouring states whose relations have been marred with distrust.


General Qamar Bajwa has at least twice talked to the Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani in last few weeks in a bid to mend the fences. However the desired results have not been achieved rather Afghan leadership has again blamed Pakistan for the terrorism inside Afghanistan.


Earlier former COAS General Raheel Sharif also tried to mend the fences with the Afghan leadership however he also had to face the same treatment at the hands of the Afghanistan leadership.


Afghanistan leadership has been blaming Pakistan for their incompetence to control the terrorism in their country along with the support of the India, the Afghan leadership has made it a regular feature and the excuse both in front of their own people and as well as the world.


On the other hand the use of Afghan soil by the RAW-NDS nexus against Pakistan has been proved many times in the past also.


COAS General Qamar Bajwa is going to visit Afghanistan with the new will and the resolve to sort out the issues with the Afghanistan government.


However the pro India government in Afghanistan considers India as their saviours and Pakistan as their arch rival and enemy responsible for all bad in Afghanistan.