Prime Minsiter Imran Khan's message for the youth of Pakistan

Prime Minsiter Imran Khan's message for the youth of Pakistan

MIANWALI - Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday stressed upon the country’s youth especially students to clearly identify a roadmap of life with clear objectives to achieve their aims and always learn from the bitter lessons of life.

Addressing the 7th convocation of the NAMAL University as special guest and chairman, the prime minister said that students should listen to their inner voice from their heart or personal inclination which could steer their future course in life.

He said the man was created with certain objectives. Allah Almighty had bestowed upon human being with different potentials which were often left unattended.

“You can achieve everything you have pictured or dreamt of in your life. In this struggle, human being could stumble over hurdles and difficulties. But these stumbling blocks should not lead you to frustration,” he advised a cheering assembly of students and faculty members.

The prime minister recalled his long cricket career in this regard.

“The craze often arises from heart and propels people to go forth. You have to make strong determination and once you made it, burn your boats as there is no way to return,” he added.

The prime minister said difficult times should be taken as part of learning and soul searching which enable a person to explore the factors behind failure.

Once, he said, these lessons learnt coupled with high level education could help enhance the human capabilities to analyze these factors.

“It is a progression in life and a demoralized person cannot excel in life. Never feel dishearten from the bad effects of failure and hard times, seek how to manage them by switching goals from one to other,” he added.

He further said Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal wanted establishment of a true Islamic welfare state on the pattern of world’s first welfare state of Madina which was established by the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).

He said it was the most successful model for the world to emulate and a great civilization emerged on the basis of these modern principles.

The country which adopted those principles achieved progress, he said, adding even the Scandinavian countries were progressing as they had adopted the basic principles of humanity.

The prime minister said in China, its leadership, had resolved some 30 years back to lift a huge population from the poverty and now it was the fastest growing economy in the world with its GDP growth rate hovering around 30 trillion dollars.

He said a strong nation would rise on the principles of state of Madina. The main thing was to correct the life path as science could not answer two things, ie; the basic aim of life and what to happen in the life hereafter, he added.

Being the most successful personality in the world, the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) stood distinct and role model for all humans, he said and urged the students to follow his way of life.

The prime minister also welcomed and thanked UAE minister for Tolerance Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan Sheikh Nayhan for attending the event.

He said on behalf of people of Pakistan, he offered his gratitude over the way, the leadership of United Arab Emirates stood with Pakistan at a time when it needed friends.

“The UAE proved as a friend in need and helped us at a time when we faced probably one of the critical economic challenges,” he added.

The prime minister also mentioned the support extended by the leadership of Saudi Arabia and China which helped his government to manage the national economy.

“My country will never forget the way you stood with us in time of need,” he observed.