Salman Khan reveals why is he still unmarried

Salman Khan reveals why is he still unmarried

MUMBAI - Wherever Bollywood Star Salman Khan goes, one question keeps chasing him like crazy – When will you get married? The hunk of a superstar has categorically denied being in a relationship and clarified multiple times that he doesn’t intend to get married. But people aren’t convinced it seems. They still keep throwing the same question at him no matter what event it is.

Recently, when the Sultan of Bollywood was asked to answer the same question, he rather had a very peculiar yet hilarious reason to give for remaining unmarried.

According to a report in, Salman said,“Marriage has become such a big thing. You spend lakhs and lakhs and crores of money in getting somebody married. I can’t afford. That’s the reason I am single man.”

Well, we all know Salman was just cooking up this fake reason!

For the unversed, Salman is currently linked to Romanian TV personality, actress and singer Iulia Vantur. She has been seen with Salman a number of times and is a regular member during family fictions.

But both Salman and Iulia have denied seeing each other.

And when it comes to the women in Salman’s life, Katrina Kaif finds a special mention. She is believed to have dated him a few years back. In fact, Salman has often expressed awe and admiration for his rumoured former ladylove.

Even Katrina is very close to Salman’s family and is often seen dining and hanging out with them.