Calibri font documents used by Maryam Nawaz were forged, testifies UK Expert

Calibri font documents used by Maryam Nawaz were forged, testifies UK Expert

ISLAMABAD - The Accountability court recorded the statement of principal witness in the Calibri font case against Maryam Nawaz Sharif.

The Radley Forensic Document Laboratory, Robert W. Radley statement was recorded Via video link.

In July last year, Radley had revealed that the type font used in trust deeds of two companies, Nescoll and Nielson Limited, and Coomber Incorporation — that were submitted to a probe team that was investigating the Panama Papers case by Maryam — was Calibri, which was not commercially available before Jan 31, 2007, and, therefore, the documents which bore a date from 2006 appeared to have been actually prepared and signed on at a later date.

During the hearing today, Radley told Nawaz's counsel Khawaja Haris that he had received the copies of the trust deeds and other documents for a forensic examination near the end of June 2017.

According to Radley, it was evident that the copies of both declarations that he had been sent had been taken apart and bound again. He added that page numbers and dates had been changed in the documents as well.

The forensic expert said that he had met the Additional Deputy Prosecutor General NAB Sardar Muzaffar and NAB Director Amjad Majeed Olak on Raja's insistence earlier this week, where they had discussed possible questions that might be raised in court during his testification.

Haris objected to Radley's reliance on notes while giving the testimony, and asked that he submit a copy of the notes to the defence team's representative at the Pakistan High Commission, where the testimony was being recorded.

The forensic expert responded that it was normal practice in England to use notes while testifying in any case and that he was ready to provide a copy to the representative.

Speaking about the use of Calibri font in the documents submitted by Maryam, Radley reiterated that the font was not commercially available before 2007.

However, he said Calibri was present in the beta one version of Windows Vista that had been provided to IT experts for testing purposes.

When asked by Sharif's counsel whether it was true that 10,000 people had been using Calibri font before 2007, Radley said that those 10,000 had not been using the font; in fact they had been testing the software of which Calibri was a part. The font became available for public use on January 31, 2007, he said.

The hearing of the case was subsequently adjourned till Friday

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