UK DFID programme in Pakistan is largest in the world: Priti Patel

UK DFID programme in Pakistan is largest in the world: Priti Patel

Pakistan and Britain have agreed to enhance bilateral cooperation in diverse fields and explore new ways of forming connections.

The understanding came at a meeting between Finance Minister and Secretary of State for International Development of United Kingdom Priti Patel in Islamabad on Thursday.

Ms. Patel complimented the Finance Minister on the successful completion of the IMF program. She said that the successful implementation of tax reforms was a remarkable achievement. 

She said DFID's program in Pakistan is its largest globally. She said there were huge opportunities for collaboration in the future in economic development, education, social security and health.

Ms. Patel said that both Pakistan and UK must explore new and more diverse ways of forming connections through financial markets and stock exchanges. She said that dialogue can be held on exploring bilateral opportunities regarding market access, foreign direct investment and other opportunities that the financial markets of UK have to offer.

The Finance Minister highlighted that after having achieved macroeconomic stability, the government is now focused on attaining higher, sustainable and inclusive growth. 

He acknowledged the valuable support of DFID and said that the UK and DFID are true partners of Pakistan. He expressed the hope that the new Development Partnership Agreement between the Government of Pakistan and DFID will be signed soon.