Lahore Defence Blast update

Lahore Defence Blast update

LAHORE: A huge blast has been heard in Lahore Defence however still the nature of the blast is uncertain.

 At least eight people have been killed while several others sustained severe wounds in a blast at Lahore’s Defence Z block market today (Thursday).

According to details, the explosion occurred at an underconstruction plaza targeting Bombay Chowpatty outlet in the market.

Rescue teams and bomb disposal squad have arrived at the scene and shifted the injured to General Hospital while toll is likely to be escalated.

However, the nature of the blast is yet to be ascertained.

The security officers have besieged the entire area and launched an investigation into the matter whereas emergency has been declared at different hospitals.

Meanwhile, a suspicious man has also been arrested from the blast site.

Law enforcement agencies had evacuated the same market a few days ago over a bomb threat.