Lahore Defence Blast death toll rises

Lahore Defence Blast death toll rises

LAHORE: Death toll from Lahore Defence blasts rises, as per the source report.

At least 10 were killed and over 35 injured in a blast in Defence area of Lahore.

According to details incident explosion took place at Z-block market in DHA.

The injured were taken to the hospital. Rescue teams reached the site and the Rangers and police cordoned off the whole area.

The nature of the blast is still unknown but Punjab government official sources claimed it was a "generator blast."

Nayab Haider, a Punjab Police spokesman, has since confirmed that it was a bomb blast.

According to reports 10kg worth of explosives was used in the bomb.

There were reports of a second blast striking the city’s Gulberg area, where a bomb was said to have been exploded in front of a multinational fast food restaurant on Main Boulevard. The Police have since claimed that the attack was a rumour. Meanwhile, Hafeez Centre has been evacuated by the authorities.

According to reports, the Z-block blast has damaged the nearby buildings and cars. Reports further add that some injured are still under the rubble of the destroyed building. According to rescue authorities the condition of many injured is critical.