Is CSS exam paper being copied from India

Is CSS exam paper being copied from India

LAHORE: It was revealed that exam questions appearing in Central Superior Services (CSS) and Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) had been copied from Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examinations.

The previous exams of English and other papers asked applicants similar questions as seen in website or IAS exams. Only a minor treatment was given to these questions. According to the documents, FPSC English Essay exam held on January 16 contained a similar question like the one asked in IAS exam.

The question was titled, "Is the colonial mentality impeding Pakistan s progress?"

The same question was asked in IAS examinations during 2013. The only major difference was that it asked about India instead of Pakistan.

In the same way, exam questions appearing in FPSC exam on January 8 for Assistant Director Position (Grade 17) were reportedly lifted from Indian and Pakistani websites like,, and others.

Another case observed that questions in CSS examination for English Précis & Composition in 2016 had précis taken from a website named

Several professors and CSS exam teachers talked to Daily Dunya in this regard and told that most of the questions in the examinations were usually lifted from other question papers and numerous websites, especially from Indian exams, which was disappointing. "Professors in our country are no less", they added.

They suggested forming a data box for different subject questions while updating new précis every year.