Preparations are under way for the first Palestinian passport: Official Sources


JERUSALEM: Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday announced plans to issue “State of Palestine” passports starting next year, replacing the name Palestinian Authority. “Regarding the issue of a passport under the name Palestine State, we are about to proceed to the passport replacement and the issuance of a new passport within one year or even less. We have already changed all documents issued by ministries and public services and they now bear the name ‘State of Palestine’. We no longer accept from anybody to use the name Palestinian Authority,” Abbas said at a joint news conference following his meeting in Athens with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Meanwhile, the official news agency of the Palestinian Authority on Monday aired a joint statement by Palestinian organizations calling for Palestinians to carry out “protests of rage” attacks against Israel and in the capitals of Arab nations on Tuesday and Friday of this week. (Middle East Online)