31 Pakistani Hajj pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia

31 Pakistani Hajj pilgrims die in Saudi Arabia

ISLAMABAD – 31 Hajj pilgrims of Pakistan died in Saudi Arabia during Hajj 2018, Pakistan hajj mission said on Thursday.

As per the details, as many as 110 Pakistani fell ills during the Hajj season and they were provided facilities using 14 vehicles.

About 107,000 Pakistanis performed Hajj under the government Hajj scheme and 77,210 pilgrims did so through private Hajj schemes

Over 2 million Muslims have performed the “stoning of the devil” ritual as part of the Hajj today. The ritual marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage in Mina.

Wearing white clothes called ahram, the pilgrims throw stones at three pillars called jamarat, represent Satan in Mina. Pilgrims pelt seven stones at each pillar.

In 2017, 22 Pakistani pilgrims died natural deaths in Saudi Arabia during Hajj season. According to Ministry of Religious Affairs, 133,868 pilgrims had reached Saudi Arabia under government and private programmes from Pakistan to perform Hajj 2017