Narendra Modi gets a strong snub from Pakistan

Narendra Modi gets a strong snub from Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Foreign Office here on Monday termed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi 's remarks on Indian nuclear capability as highly unfortunate and irresponsible.

Foreign Office spokesperson in a statement said that such rhetoric for short-term political and electoral gains, with complete disregard to its effects on strategic stability in South Asia, was regrettable and against the norms of responsible nuclear behaviour.

The spokesperson also drew the attention to the remarks of the Indian prime minister, sensationally referring to the night of February 27, 2019 and the missile related threat from India as 'Qatal ki Raat' (the night of murder).

He said it clearly contradicted the position of Indian officials, who had tried to give an impression that there were no such plans of India and instead had blamed Pakistan for whipping up war hysteria.

The spokesperson said such nuclear brinksmanship needed to be discouraged. It was in the interest of the region that both countries resumed dialogue and discussed confidence building and restraint measures for the long-term strategic stability in South Asia, he added.