Pakistan takes a firm stance with top US diplomat, refuse to budge before pressure


ISLAMABAD – No breakthrough is reported in Pak-US diplomatic rift, media report has suggested.

Pak US diplomatic rift is going to deepen further in the upcoming days as second round of dialogue has remained futile.

As per details garnered, both sides remained firm on the stance to not lift restrictions and sanctions imposed on diplomatic staffers after the latter’s diplomat killed a Pakistani student in Islamabad.

Sources privy to development stated that Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua had made it overtly clear to US Department of State’s Senior Bureau Official for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs Ambassador Alice Wells that issue of the U.S. staffer—who killed Pakistani student—would be dealt as per country’s law and Vienna Convention.

Janjua told Wells about security threats pertaining to movement of U.S. diplomats and urged latter not to restrict movement of Pakistani diplomats.

However both sides had agreed to continue the dialogue process in future.

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