Pakistan appoints first ever female diplomat in Saudi Arabia in 70 years


ISLAMABAD - With Saudi Arabia opening up on women role in society after decades, Pakistan has also taken an unprecedented step in this regard and appointed first ever female diplomat in Kingdom.

Fouzia Fayyaz has been appointed as councilor at Pakistan’s embassy in Saudi Arabia , making her the first-ever female diplomat in the Kingdom in 70 years.

Fouzia stated that Pakistan is a progressive country that has always recognised the potential and status of women as they continue to excel in their respective fields. The foreign ministry has always taken initiatives to broaden opportunities of success for women, she further added.

She also said that with her appointment more and more women have now been inducted at the section of the embassy of which she is in-charge.

According to Fouzia, her determination to soar to new heights stems from the fact that she had a very supporting father who gave equal importance to education of girls as boys. Hailing from southern Punjab, Fouzia acquired a Master’s degree in English Literature from Islamia University in Bahawalpur after which she gave her CSS exams.

He first appointment was in Washington D.C and then in New Delhi where she also rendered services as diplomat.

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