Iran rejects allegations levelled by Taliban leader over TAPI pipeline project to Pakistan


HEART CITY - A group of Taliban <link>who joined the peace process in western Herat province has claimed that they were directed and armed by Iran to disrupt the construction of Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India (TAPI) gas pipeline, Pajhwok News has reported.

The eight-member groups on Sunday joined the peace process during a special gathering.

Police Chief Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ayub Ansar told the gathering that the eight-memberTaliban <link> group was involved in subversive activities in Pashton Zarghon and Kurkh districts of Herat and joined the reconciliation process. The group surrendered with seven weapons, eight hand grenades.

He termed the move a positive sign for the security and stability of the districts where the group was earlier active.

Deputy Governor Muhaiuddin Noori said co-existence and acceptance of one another was the only way to resolve the ongoing crisis. He called on other groups to get full advantage of the opportunity available and join the reconciliation process.

But Iranian Consulate General in Herat City, rejected the claim and said being a neighbouring country Iran always favored the development and prosperity of Afghanistan.

Iranian Consul Mahmood Afkhami said Tehran supported Afghanistan’s development and would cooperate every effort that could help the Afghanistan’s uplift.

The Iranian envoy asked the Afghan government to demand proves in support of their claims so that Iranian and Afghan governments could discuss the matter through talks.