Hasan Ali rattles both Indian Military and Media

Hasan Ali rattles both Indian Military and Media

*LAHORE: Pakistan’s fast bowler Hasan Ali made a surprise entry to the flag-lowering ceremony at Wagah Border last week and participated, though briefly, in the parade with his signature wicket-taking gesture towards India’s Border Security Force, prompting Indian media to call it “provocation”.*

The Pakistan cricket team was visiting the Wagah Border to witness the flag lowering ceremony after their training camp before leaving for England.

The Pakistan Cricket Board also tweeted a picture of the team visiting the historical site.

As crowds cheered on the Pakistani side, Hasan Ali , showed off his signature move. A video which has gone viral on social media shows the roughly 40-second act of the cricketer, doing his popular act, to celebrate wicket taking on the field.

According to Indian Express, the BSF has taken strong note of a ‘civilian’ from Pakistan “interfering” in the ceremony on the Pakistani side. As per protocol, the ceremony is to be conducted only by the BSF on the Indian side and Rangers on the Pakistani side, the report claims.

“The act has hit the sanctity of the parade. We will lodge a protest with Pakistan Rangers,” BSF Inspector General (Punjab Frontier) Mukul Goel told the IndianExpress.

*And the Zee News just didn’t stop here…they also published another article with the headline shown below*, *And BSF was apparently not happy with the Hasan’s victory dance*