Foreign forces convoy crush school girl in Kabul

Foreign forces convoy crush school girl in Kabul

KABUL - *An Afghan school girl was killed on Sunday after allegedly being hit by a foreign forces vehicle on the airport road in Kabul . *

Immediately after the incident, angry residents and school children converged at the scene to express their anger over the issue.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) confirmed the girl was killed as a result of the traffic accident.

The crowd became angry after police reportedly allowed the convoy to leave the area.

“A vehicle in a foreign forces’ convoy ran over the school girl; police in PD6 let the foreigners go and then they instead opened fire on the people,” said one protestor who refused to be named.

“A foreign forces’ convoy was moving in the wrong direction,” said another protestor.

“They (foreign forces) ran over the girl and the police opened fire on us and arrested several people,” protestor Yama said.

“The police are supposed to provide security to the students,” said another protestor at the scene.

Interior ministry officials said a delegation has been sent to the area to investigate the incident.