Text of PM Nawaz Sharif Address to the Nation

ISLAMABAD, April 22 (APP): Following are the highlights of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif's address to the nation he made on Friday.


*     Prime Minister announced his decision to write letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to constitute a commission to probe the allegations regarding Panama papers.


*     "I will wholeheartedly accept the recommendations of the Commission. If the allegations against me proved wrong, then those accusing me, will have to face the nation and tender apology."


*     PM had announced formation of an inquiry commission in his earlier address to the nation even when there was no such public demand.


*     My political opponents are pressurizing the judges not to be part of the inquiry commission.


*     "I am not afraid of anyone, but Allah Almighty. I have full faith in Him and the people of Pakistan, who will respond to these baseless allegations."


*     "The day allegations against me are proved, I will not hesitate for a moment to go home."


*      PM said the Musharraf regime had thoroughly probed these 22-year old allegations time and again and failed to find misappropriation of even a penny.


*     He once again presented himself and his family for accountability.


*     We have been paying taxes since the time when the people had no idea what the tax is.


*     Allegations against him of paying a little tax was nothing but "blatant lies".


*     The worst time in his three decades political life was of his exile that only he or his family could realize how they endured it.


*     He said the details of their assets are already declared in form of income tax returns.


*     On his directive, details of parliamentarians' assets which were removed earlier were displayed again on Election Commission's website.