Negative politics to be avoided on country economy: Dar

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar said that positive reforms have been made by government for the revival of Pakistan economy so negative politics should be avoided to impact on economy.


While addressing a ceremony here at today (Saturday) in Islamabad, Dar made it clear that government is working with sincerity for the betterment and progress of Pakistan while PML-N government economic policy is crystal clear.


Our democratic government have paid full attention on energy crisis when took its office and made concrete measures to end the energy crisis, Dar elaborated added that present government has significantly increased the rate of growth in three years while target of Rs. 3100 billion tax receipts has been set by government in current fiscal year.


Improvement of Pakistan economy has been appreciated by major world financial institution while 22 credible institutions  of world have confessed the progress of Pakistani economy. Dar stated.


Federal minister explained that International community had suspended its business activities with Pakistan in year 2012 but positive reforms were made by present government for the revival of economy and now our economy is moving towards improvement.


46 billion dollar investment is being made in Pakistan by China while 4 audit of circular debts payments have been done yet.