PM Kakar under fire for comparing Pakistan with Israel

PM Kakar under fire for comparing Pakistan with Israel

Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar faced criticism, primarily from PTI activists, for using what many regarded as "shockingly poor language" when discussing China's strong relationship with Pakistan. This criticism emerged on social media a day after the prime minister made the comparison during his speech at the Council on Foreign Relations while attending the 78th United Nations General Assembly in the US.

During his speech (at 55:30), PM Kakar remarked, "Pakistan enjoys a strategic relationship with China. We are very clear that there are people who would liken Pakistan to China's Israel. It is perhaps a more apt analogy for the American audience because you understand and appreciate the significance of Israel for the United States."

He made these comments in response to a question about Pakistan's relationship with China. He went on to emphasize the commonalities between Pakistan and China, particularly regarding regional crises and shared positions on issues such as the One-China policy and China's stance on Taiwan, Tibet, and Xinjiang.

Critics, including PTI ex-MPA Taimur Khan Jhagra, expressed their concerns about comparing Pakistan to "China's Israel" and urged for Pakistan to be defined on its own merits as a prosperous example. Others pointed out that making such an analogy was unwise, considering Israel's controversial history.

Simplifying PM Kakar's statement, PTI activist Virk Shahzaib stated, "The caretaker PM believes Pakistan is China's Israel... To use any analogy that compares Pakistan and Israel is beyond condemnable and not understandable from any perspective."

Absconding PTI leader Hammad Azhar called for the prime minister to apologize and retract his words, highlighting that comparing Pakistan to Israel, known for its history of land acquisition and oppression, was an insult.

Journalists and lawyers also joined the ongoing discourse surrounding the prime minister's remarks.