Pakistan receive positive news on the exports front

Pakistan receive positive news on the exports front

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread unabated in India and Bangladesh, garment orders from international markets are rapidly shifting towards Pakistan.

However, the garment sector in the country is facing a severe shortage of yarn due to a shortage of cotton.

As per reports, the development comes at a time when export orders are declining in Pakistan's neighboring countries due to the COVID pandemic, there is a flurry of export orders for Pakistan's garment sector, as India and Bangladesh, affected by the pandemic, have not yet been able to produce and deliver goods to European and American markets on time.

This has pushed the entire production pressure of the textile industry on Pakistan's textile exports.

However, there exist a major hurdle for the local industrialists to take advantage of this opportunity, as they say, that they are worried about the shortage of raw material, especially yarn, for the orders received by the garment sector.

Industrialists say that the international client gives 35 to 40 days for shipments but the local mill is giving them three months' time.