Afghanistan President hints at deal with Afghan Taliban

Afghanistan President hints at deal with Afghan Taliban

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani expressed hope to reach an agreement with Taliban for a lasting peace, urging that a ceasefire and reduction in violence should be agreed first.

Speaking at the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in its General Assembly via videoconference, Ghani hoped that his government could reach agreement with Taliban negotiators for a durable peace.

“We are facing with different movements and crises simultaneously that we need an immediate cease fire as a priority. An urgent end to violence helps us more than any other things to progress. I would like to call on all the members of the General Assembly and the five permanent members to help us in building an independent and democratic Afghanistan,” the president said.

He also called on the international community to assist with the people of Afghanistan in preserving their achievements gained in the past two decades.

Meanwhile, members of the negotiating teams from government and the Taliban hope to reach positive results in their next meetings.