Ramiz Raja shows disappointment over head coach Misbah ul Huq

Ramiz Raja shows disappointment over head coach Misbah ul Huq

ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has shown his disappointment in regards to the ‘safe selection’ from Misbah-ul-Haq for the upcoming series against Sri Lanka.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Raja explained that Pakistan need change and new names need to be brought into the team instead of relying on tried and tested players. It was disappointing to see no new name or experimentation from Misbah, despite playing against a second-string Sri Lanka side. However, it was expected as it is his first big assignment and he wants to play it safe and have put his faith in tried and tested players.

Ramiz further added that Pakistan cricket will only progress when outside-the-box thinking will be applied.

You could have invited around four to five players to this camp, who you think are talented and have what it takes to serve Pakistan in future. Instead, those players have been recalled who have been playing for Pakistan for the last 10 years and we are aware of their potential and limitations.

I understand it is important to not disturb your nucleus, but you can always experiment with new players around them. So it was disappointing to see no players from Under-19 or Under-23 among the probables.

Moving to the Quaid-e-Azam trophy, Ramiz appreciated the efforts of the batsmen who made the first phase of the tournament theirs.