PP-7 by elections : ECP code of conduct issued  

PP-7 by elections : ECP code of conduct issued  

ISLAMABAD: (APP Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has advised the candidates and political parties contesting the by-elections in PP 7, Rawalpindi-VII to stop their election campaign from Saturday midnight (Sep 24 and 25).

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After midnight of September 24 and 25 all public meetings and political campaign, including electronic and print media, must come to a halt, the ECP said.

According to ECP official, the candidates, political parties participating in by-elections of Rawalpindi must stop their election campaign 48 hours before the polling day, adhere to law thus paving the way for holding by-elections in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

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The candidates violating deadline would be imposed rigorous imprisonment for a term, may be extended six month or with fine up to Rs 100,000 or both, it added.

The polling would be held in PP 7 Rawalpindi on September 26, 2016.