In a surprise, Nikki Halley mocks US President Donald Trump

In a surprise, Nikki Halley mocks US President Donald Trump

*New York - In a big surprise,* Indian-American Nikki Haley has poked fun at President Donald Trump's inflated ego and his cultural ignorance.

Haley, 46, announced on October 9 that she is resigning from her UN post, effective at the end of the year. She has since claimed that she has no ambitions to run for president in 2020.

Haley, during remarks at the 2018 Alfred Smith Dinner in New York, mocked the president for getting laughed at at the UN General Assembly last month a spectacle that both she and the president said was intentional, New York Daily Times reported. The former South Carolina started the speech with a joke about Trump's thin skin.

"Everyone in Washington called me with advice about this speech. They all said the same thing, do not under any circumstances make any jokes about the president. So, good night everybody," she said to laughter from the crowd.

She also joked about the president's ongoing feud with Senator Elizabeth Warren, who recently released the results of a DNA test that strongly supported the existence of Native American ancestry from six to 10 generations ago.

"The president called me this morning and gave me some good advice, he said if I get stuck for laughs just brag about his accomplishments. It really killed at the UN, I've got to tell you," Haley said on Thursday night.