PIA flight narrowly escapes big disaster outbound Sharjah

PIA flight narrowly escapes big disaster outbound Sharjah

Peshawar: Pakistan International Airlines flight narrowly escapes big disaster outbound Sharjah.

A Sharjah-bound Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight from Peshawar on Friday avoided a mishap after the plane encountered technical fault as soon as it took-off.

According to the aviation sources, the flight, PK-257, took off from Bacha Khan International Airport in Peshawar with 100 passengers on-board but soon encountered serious technical faults.

“All systems in the plane went down and even the front wheel could not be closed despite repeated attempts from the pilot,” they said. “The shock absorbers also encountered fault other than the tripping of auto-pilot and stand-by pilot options in the plane.”

The pilot, however, landed the plane safely to the airport, avoiding any mishap. Later, the national flag-carrier engineers also tried to sort out the issues but their attempts remained futile.

On Thursday, in a move to expand flight operation link, the PIA inducted an Airbus-320 in its fleet, bringing the number of airbuses to 12.

The national flag-carrier is working on its business plan and recently inducted an Airbus-320 into its fleet on dry lease. The aircraft was handed over to the PIA. According to the PIA’s spokesman, another air-bus will be inducted into the PIA’s fleet on December 6.

Currently, the number of the fleet has jumped to 34, while Pakistan International Airlines is planning to induct three more planes to its fleet in 2020.