Donald Trump's bombshell on the US trade partners

Donald Trump's bombshell on the US trade partners

President-elect Donald Trump says the US will quit the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on his first day in the White House.

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He made the announcement in a video message outlining what he intends to do first when he takes office in January.

The Republican also pledged to reduce "job-killing restrictions" on coal production and stop visa abuses.

The TPP trade deal was signed by 12 countries which together cover forty percent of the world's economy.

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The TPP was agreed in 2015 by countries including Japan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico, but is not yet ratified.

Its aim was to deepen economic ties and boost growth but its opponents said it was negotiated in secret and it favours big corporations.

Asia-Pacific leaders meeting in Peru over the weekend said they will continue to pursue free trade deals despite Mr Trump's opposition.

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But on Monday, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the TPP trade deal would be meaningless without the involvement of the US.