Rs3583bn total revenues collected in 3 quarters

Rs3583bn total revenues collected in 3 quarters

ISLAMABAD: The revenue collection during the first three quarters of the current fiscal year stood at Rs3,583,737 million, including Rs3,162,132 as tax revenues and Rs421,605 non-tax revenues.

According to provisional summary of consolidated federal and provincial budgetary operations for the current fiscal year (2018-19) of the finance ministry, among the tax revenues, the federal government collected Rs2,874,424 million whereas the provincial governments’ share stood at Rs287,708 million.

On the other hand, the non-tax revenues included Rs356,305 million federal and Rs65,300 provincial, the data revealed.

On the other hand the total expenditures during the period under review were recorded at Rs5,506,217 million, including Rs4,798,350 million current expenditure while the development expenditure and net lending stood at Rs684,157 million. During the period, the statistical discrepancy was recorded at Rs23,710 million, the data revealed.

Based on the figures, the budget deficit during July-March (2018-19) was recorded at Rs1,922,480 million.

Meanwhile, among the tax revenues, direct taxes stood at Rs997,411 million, tax on property Rs7,605 million and tax on goods and services was recorded at Rs1,207,076. The tax on goods and services included Rs158,611 million duty taxes and Rs1,048,465 million sales tax.

Likewise, the taxes on international trade stood at Rs507,187 million, the data revealed.  The other taxes were recorded at Rs442,854 million, which included Rs142,339 million sales tax on services GST, Rs50,188 million Stamp Duties, Rs19,638 motor vehicles tax, Rs17,664 Gas Infrastructure Development Cess, Rs4,808 million Natural Gas Development Surcharge, Rs141,369 petroleum levy and Rs66,848 million other taxes.

On the other hand, the non-tax revenues were recorded at Rs421,605 million, which included Rs14,373 million as mark up (PSEs and others), Rs32,186 million dividend, Rs16,184 million profits of post office department/PTA, Rs138,230 million surplus profit of State Bank of Pakistan and Rs10,745 defence revenues.

These revenues also included Rs16,312 as passport fee, Rs10,413 as discount retained on cruid price, Rs61,759 royalties on oil/gas, Rs6,061 windfall levy against cruid oil, Rs2,833 as petroleum levy on LPG and Rs112,502 other non-tax revenues.

Meanwhile, on expenditure side, Rs3,180,916 was federal expenditure including Rs2,168,856 million general public services expenditure, Rs774,708 as defence affairs and services expenditure, Rs106,137 for public orders and safety affairs, Rs39,464 economic affairs Rs776 million environment protection, Rs963 housing and community amenities, Rs11,049 health, Rs 68,984 million Education Affairs and Services, Rs1,593 social protection.

During the period under review, the Public Sector Development Programme funding stood at Rs578,457 million including Rs302,449 federal and Rs276,008 provincial funding, the data revealed.


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