Road accident in Landhi leaves 10 injured

Road accident in Landhi leaves 10 injured

KARACHI: A high-speed Mazda wagon turned turtle here in Landhi area afternoon causing varied degrees of injuries to commuters aged between 19 and 60 years.

According to Jinnah Post Medical Centre (JPMC), 10 victims of road traffic accidents, including four women and six men were carried to its Emergency Department and were provided with immediate treatment.

The injured were said to include Sher Awan (60 years), M.Ghani (50 years), Shakira w/o Habibullah (45 years), Amjad Hussain (38 years), Hajiani (35 years), Syed Abid (35 years), Sajid Ali (30 years), Zeenat w/o Hamza Khan (25 years), Fauzia (25 years) and Sharifa (19 years).

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