India to deploy satellite at Pakistan border: ISRO

India to deploy satellite at Pakistan border: ISRO

TIRUMALAI: Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Chairman K Sivan on Tuesday said that PSLV-C 46 satellite, which will be launched on Wednesday over focus on Pakistan border.

ISRO revealed that it will focus on the movements of terrorists in border areas. Sivan added that the satellite will help the security forces wipe out terrorism from the country by helping them spot the hideouts of the terrorists near border areas.

"The rocket will take RISAT 2 BR 1 satellite into space.

The satellite will focus on terrorists` movements and their hideouts in the borders," ISRO chairman was quoted as saying by ANI. Sivan added that PSLV-C 46 satellite's life span is five years.

He added that the Bengaluru-based ISRO is also focused on launching Chandrayan 2 in July next year.