#BoycottDollar among top trend in Pakistan social media

#BoycottDollar among top trend in Pakistan social media

ISLAMABAD – Rising inflation, proposed increase in power tariffs and the devaluation of Rupee against the Dollar after the news of the govt’s deal with International Monetary Fund (IMF) has resulted in people urging each other to join hands to try out unconventional means to get the economy out of this crisis.

With the rise of import bill people are rooting to follow the footsteps of the Turkish brothers, who when faced with the Dollar crisis rallied behind their president in favor of purchasing local goods and not buying or using US merchandise and products to improve the economy.

Social media sparked a debate where people from all walks of life are proposing to boycott Dollar to get Pakistan out of this turmoil.

Cybernauts proposed to use local goods use local products and dine at local eateries instead of international foodchains.

Twitter was trending with #BoycottDollar and #MadeinPakistan as a first step in getting the economy out of turmoil. Here is a round up of the debate on the digital sphere.

One netizen stated

‘Purchase local goods and services, shop local, fill up at PSO, take a break from international fast food chains and eat at your local restaurants. Take a short break from buying imported items. #BoycottDollar.’

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