With over $18 billions China becomes Pakistan's largest trading partner

With over $18 billions China becomes Pakistan's largest trading partner
ISLAMABAD, May 22 (APP): Adviser to the Prime Minister on 

Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz Sunday said as political links between

China and Pakistan were ever strong, the growing economic ties were

now galloping under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Addressing a ceremony featuring the Pakistan-China Joint

Cultural Performance to celebrate the 65th anniversary of

establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries,

the Adviser said China was now Pakistan's largest trading partner

with $18 billion as two-way trade.

"A question people generally ask is what makes this

relationship special. The answer is simple: Absolute mutual trust.

The people of our two countries rejoice in each other's achievements

and feel as one during sorrows. Both countries firmly believe in the

principles of sovereign equality and non-interference," he remarked.

Sartaj Aziz said China had always extended solid support to

Pakistan's territorial integrity and independence. Pakistan too had

upheld the one-China policy and supported China on issues concerning

Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang, he added.

Expressing his pleasure over the cultural performance, he

welcomed Chinese friends, especially the artists from Hunan

Provincial Performing Art Group to the event.

He said the 65th anniversary was not just a formal occasion.

"It is a unique celebration of a unique relationship, the like of

which will be difficult to find in human history. The relations

between countries always experience high-low period, but not

between China and Pakistan, the Adviser said.

He said,"Strong relations with China were, and are, and

will always, remain the bedrock of Pakistan's foreign policy."

The bond between the two countries, he added, had received

continuous nourishment from the leadership of both sides over

the last six decades and especially in the past two years.

"Higher than Himalayas, deeper than oceans, sweeter than

honey, dearer than eyesight, stronger than steel, valuable than

gold, have been used to describe our evergreen relationship.

These poetic expressions are not mere words but a manifestation

of the warmth and sincere feelings between the leadership and

people of our two countries," Sartaj Aziz maintained.

He said the CPEC was, no doubt, the latest landmark in their

relations but their friendship had deep historical roots.

He said monks and envoys traversed the challenging heights of

the Karakorum, Hindukush and the Himalayas to connect the Gandhara

and the Indus Valley Civilizations with the Chinese Civilization.

Fa Xian and Xuan Zang, in the fourth and seventh centuries

respectively, crossed inaccessible altitudes of these mountain

ranges. Many scholars from the territory, that is now Pakistan,

traveled to China to imbibe the glorious civilization of China, the

Adviser added.

He said the best cultural representatives for any country were

its artisans and intellectuals, scholars, students, and lawmakers -

in short, a country's best cultural representatives were its people.

He said it was imperative that they continued to further expand

people-to-people contacts in the coming years. "The people are our

greatest asset. They hold the secret behind our everlasting

friendship," he added.