KP Cabinet approves Rs16.42mn grant for affected shopkeepers of heritage trail project

KP Cabinet approves Rs16.42mn grant for affected shopkeepers of heritage trail project

PESHAWAR:The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Cabinet with Chief Minister Pervez Khattak in the chair here Wednesday approved a supplementary grant of Rs16.42million for the affectees of heritage trail project being constructed in Interior Peshawar to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of the walled city.

The heritage trail project from Gor Khatri to Ghanta Ghar in the old quarters of the city is being constructed to facelift Peshawar to make it clean and green for dwellers and tourists.

The Cabinet was told that supplementary grant would be given to the affected shopkeepers of Bazaar Kalan and Mohalla Sethian.

The project will be completed at a cost of Rs301.5 million to renovate and refurbish facade or outer appearances of 75 heritage buildings and structures out of 150 with a cultural and historical touch along 450 meters distance in this historic City of Peshawar.

The heritage trail starts at the historical Ghanta Ghar and passes through Bazaar-e-Kalaan and the Mohallah Sethian.

The mohallah has a number of beautiful houses which were got constructed by the members of wealthy Sethi family way back in 1880s.

The KP Cabinet has also approved Education Monitoring Authority Bill 2018, giving authority status to Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU).

The unit was created in 2014 to bring improvement in the education standard and assess the performance of the teaching community.

The Chief Minister directed the concerned quarters to make workers welfare board schools as part of the monitoring system.

The cabinet also approved to legislate health insurance scheme for deserving people under social health protection program of the health department.

Under the law, the deserving patients would be provide medicines free of cost through Sehat Insaf Card. The cabinet was informed that health cards would be issued to the deserving people wherein free medical services would be provided to them from nominated public and private hospitals.

The KP Government would allocate a specific budget under the new law for running these welfare programs.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister directed to include the deserving left over citizens from the Benazir Income Support Program in the newly health scheme in KP.

He also directed for initiating solid program to include deserving disabled persons in the Sehat Insaf Card.

The Cabinet also approved the policy drafted by Planning and Development Department for disabled, pedestrians and blind persons. This policy would be implemented by the Local Government Rural Development.

Under this policy, the six feet separate tracks would be constructed for pedestrians, which would be cleared of all kinds of hurdles so that disabled could not face any problems during travelling.

Proper resting areas would be made for them whereas facilities of parking would be provided in the congested areas like Dabgari Garden, Peshawar Cantonment and Interior City.

The same policy would be extended to the entire province in the later stage.

The Chief Minister also directed the concerned officials to ensure cleanliness of the canals and rainy streams from the filth and the cabinet approved a comprehensive plan for ensuring cleanliness of canals and drains. APP/AFP