3 Names emerge for the slot of Caretaker PM: Sources

3 Names emerge for the slot of Caretaker PM: Sources

ISLAMABAD - Syed Fakhar Imam, PPP leader Raza Rabbani and former State Bank governor Ishrat Hussain are under consideration for the key position of caretaker prime minister.

The opposition leader will take the PTI leadership into confidence before finalizing any name.

A final decision in this regard will be taken by PPP President Asif Zardari and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif.

The name for the caretaker PM will be finalized by mid-May. The matter will be referred to a parliamentary committee if the government and opposition fail to develop a consensus.

Earlier *Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said he was willing to have negotiations with the armed forces and other national institutions for the supremacy of the Constitution and the law in the country.*

“It is incumbent upon the government and the Opposition to decide about the caretaker setup. Hence, the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader should work together in this regard,” said the former PM while talking to media after appearing before the Accountability Court Islamabad in corruption references against him and family.

“All the political parties should sit together to discuss about the interim government. It is vital to fix the domain of the interim setup.”

He underscored the need that powers of caretaker PM and Chief Minister should be clearly defined and they should not overstep the set jurisdiction. Sharif said his party will support if consensus is reached over the interim government.

On March 20, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah discussed potential candidates for the slot of Prime Minister in a caretaker set-up in a telephonic conversation.

According to sources, the premier telephoned Shah from the US to discuss the matter.

The two have agreed to hold a meeting soon to finalize the name for caretaker prime minister.