Nine SHOs transferred, posted to different police stations

Nine SHOs transferred, posted to different police stations

Islamabad-Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Shaheed Benazirabad Tanveer Hussain Tunio, has carried out transfers and postings of Station House Officers (SHOs) to different police stations in order to maintain law and order in the district.

In this regard SHO Iqbal Wasan has been posted at B-Section Police Station, SHO Sanaullah Panhwar has been posted at E-Section Police Station, SHO Owais Mangrio at Airport Police Station, SHO Asif Mughal at Taluka Police Station.

SHO Ahmed Ali Halepoto at Daur Police Station, SHO Rasheed Memon at Sath Mile Police Station, SHO Waseem Mirza at Baloo Ja Quba Police Station, SHO Hussain Kharal at Qazi Ahmed Police Station while SHO Gulzar Mari has been posted at Marri Jalbani Police Station.

SSP Tanveer Hussain Tuni has directed all the station house officers that maintenance of law and order in the district was his first priority and police officers must perform their duties with dedication and honesty.

He said that it was the duty of police to safeguard the life and property of citizens and to control drugs and social evils. He appealed to the general public to provide information to police in case they find any event of sale of drugs in order to initiate against peddlers.