Indian journalist demands Gen Rawat to share facts about Ladakh disaster

Indian journalist demands Gen Rawat to share facts about Ladakh disaster

ISLAMABAD-A renowned and outspoken Indian journalist Ambreen Zaidi has written an open letter to Indian Chief of the Defence Services Gen. Bipin Rawat demanding him to speak out truth about the humiliation the Indian army suffered at Ladakh border after a bloody clash with the Chinese army.

She further demanded of the Indian general to make the details of Indian soldiers’ casualties and the failed strategy in the bloody tussle which left her country with a bloody nose.

Ambreen a well-known journalist and blogger who had won several awards for her work, further wrote that the Indian nation wanted to know about what happened in Galwan Valley.

She said, “We are facing a tough time both internally as well as externally. The members of our armed forces are not in the highest of their spirits, because of your interventions to a large extent. The Ladakh disaster made it more than evident how the various Headquarters of the Indian Army across the hierarchy stood clipped of all their powers, because of your constant interference. The whispers in the corridors are now the screams to save our soldiers from any such fiascos in the future.”

The Indian journalist further said what was happening was completely opposite.

 “There are major cover-ups after cover-ups to hide the ground reality. Their blood could be on the hands of the political decision-makers and on YOURS too, to a large extent!” she said while referring to Indian soldiers' casualties in the clash.

In her blog carried by the Times of India, Ambreen said that their soldiers were not cannon fodder and they could not be butchered for diplomatic gains.

“As crazy as it may sound, it is you that we are warier of. Your policies, your directives and so ever evident step-motherly treatment to your very own is what concerns us more,” she said.

She said with a super active social media, so many contradicting statements and horrifying photographs had been doing the rounds which negated the stance taken by the Indian army.