China’s Aircraft Carrier is far ahead than its Indian counterpart which is even not indigenous: Military experts

China’s Aircraft Carrier is far ahead than its Indian counterpart which is even not indigenous: Military experts

BEIJING - India’s first domestically made aircraft carrier cannot compare in construction technology and weaponry with China’s first home-made carrier, Chinese military experts said Monday.

“In terms of technology, India’s home-made aircraft carrier expected to be commissioned by October 2020, cannot compare with China’s as China has taken a leap in construction technology and other relevant core technologies, including construction materials, the deck for fighter jets to ski jump and the radar system,” Song Zhongping, a TV commentator and military expert told Global Times.

However, India still relies on other countries’ technology in building its aircraft carrier.

“India’s carrier-based aircraft are mainly Russia’s Mikoyan MiG-29 and the weapons systems are from Russia, Israel and other countries,” Song said.

Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert, said “the INS Vikrant is more likely an assemblage of foreign technologies made by India . The aircraft carrier’s design is from France and Italy, its power system from the US and the weapons system is also from overseas.”

The delay by Russia in supplying aviation items has impeded commissioning of the Vikrant. On combat capability, China’s first home-made aircraft carrier carries the Shenyang J-15, a large antisubmarine helicopter, which could also be used for early warning and search and rescue operations.

And its defense system was also developed domestically, Song said. “China’s second home-made one may adopt an electromagnetic catapult system, and the domestically developed radar system will be more accurate and far-reaching.

The destroyers and frigate which form the aircraft carrier fleet would also be stronger,” Li said.

Li also said it was meaningless to merely compare the aircraft carriers of China and India as the competiveness of the navies in the future lies in comprehensive combat capabilities and cooperation of different forces.

China’s first homemade aircraft carrier, which is the second aircraft carrier after the Liaoning, was put to sea in April 2017.