Afghan government officials, agencies involved in Kabul attack: Report

Afghan government officials, agencies involved in Kabul attack: Report

KABUL - The deadly Kabul Intercontinental Hotel attack has drawn serious criticism for the Afghanistan government with some senior politicians and leaders blaming the involvement of the government officials and the government agencies in the attack.

Afghan government has come under fire after some political figures accused government officials of having been involved in the incident, TOLO News has reported.

This was the second time the hotel had been attacked – the first time being in June 2011.

On Monday, prominent Jihadi leaders and politicians slammed government for its security strategy and said government failed to protect the hotel from the attack.

“This incident indicates that government is weak, its incompetent and fragile. Foreigners were also present there (at hotel) and this weakness is evident to other countries as well,” said ex-Jihadi leader Mohammad Akbari.

They claim that elements inside government collaborated with insurgents to launch the deadly attack on the hotel.

They also said these elements had worked on President Ashraf Ghani’s electoral campaign and that now they are employed in government departments.

Former Jihadi leader Mohammad Akbari said the attack on the hotel had been an attack on human values, and that the brazen attacks by militants in the country shows the weakness of the Afghan government to the world.

Joining Akbari, meanwhile other Afghan politicians also claimed they believe elements within government institutions, especially in the security institutions, plotted the attack on the hotel.

“Gentlemen why don’t you spend the money to foil the plots of the enemies instead of using it against Noor, Ismail, general Raziq of Kandahar, Humayoun Humayoun and other parties,” said the ousted governor of Balkh Atta Mohammad Noor.

Fifth Pillar Elements Within Govt Blamed for The Attack

“This is the work of the fifth pillar which creates problems for the people and the government at a sensitive time. There is some sort of cooperation and collaboration between high level government profiles in the attack.

Saturday’s coordinated attack on the Intercontinental Hotel, which left 43 people dead, marks the second deadly attack on the property by militants. The previous attack happened in June 2011, when a suicide bomber killed 21 people, including 10 civilians.

Saturday’s attack by the Taliban claimed 43 lives including foreigners.

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