Pakistan first ever Naphtha Cracker Complex approved

Pakistan first ever Naphtha Cracker Complex approved

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's first ever Naphtha Cracker Complex (NCC), a state-of-the-art “grand infrastructure” to change petrochemical raw substances into value-added products ranging from construction, home décor, appliances, furniture, medical care, paints, cleaning stuff and top of the line military gadgets has been approved.


The absence of a naphtha cracker complex means Pakistan has to buy all petrochemical feedstock from international market that take heavy toll on import bill and prices of long range of items.


India has nine naphtha cracker complexes providing it tremendous mileage in industrial and economic progress.


The creation of this complex will revolutionise the industrial landscape.


The game-changing development came after an 18-member delegation of Pakistan Chemical Manufacturing Association (PCMA) met recently with Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms in his office, Islamabad where NCC was announced to be built to catalyse the economic progress.