Afghan Taliban message for Donald Trump

Afghan Taliban message for Donald Trump

ISLAMABAD: Afghan Taliban in an unusual development have left a message for the US President Donald Trump.


The Afghan Taliban urged new US President Donald Trump on Saturday to review his predecessors’ [Barack Obama and George Bush] policies towards Afghanistan, insisting that the US and its Nato allies had failed to achieve anything in the war in Afghanistan.


Trump, who took oath on Friday, is yet to unveil his Afghan policy.


The US still has nearly 10,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan who “are involved in training and advising” Afghan security forces. Obama had earlier planned to cut the number of US forces to 5,500 by 2016.


“The people of Afghanistan … are hopeful that Trump and his cabinet will not follow the wrong policies of their predecessors and keep the US away from Afghanistan,” the Taliban said.


“If he (Trump) follows in the footsteps of Obama and Bush, and continue illegal aggression in our country without reviewing US policies, then American troops will be facing more deaths under Trump … Such an approach will also prolong and complicate the Afghan crisis,” a Taliban statement insisted.


The Pashto-language statement was posted on one of the Taliban WhatsApp groups.