Tiny island Nation Maldives snubs India

Tiny island Nation Maldives snubs India

NEW DELHI: Tiny Island Nation Maldives snubs India in an embarrassing situation for Delhi. Maldives lashed out at India for its outspoken remarks condemning the decision to extend the state of emergency in the island nation by another 30 days, Times of India has reported.

"Government of Maldives takes note of public statements issued by Government of India that ignore the facts and ground realities with regard to the ongoing political developments in the Maldives ," said Minister of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

Yesterday, India had expressed "deep dismay" at the 30-day extension to the state of emergency imposed by embattled Maldives President Abdullah Yameen earlier this month.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) issued a statement noting that the manner in which the Maldives Parliament had approved the extension was a "matter of concern" as it was in contravention of the country's constitution.

Going on the offensive, Asim called the MEA's statement "a clear distortion of facts" and asserted that India's concerns regarding the legality of the move to extend emergency were unfounded.

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