DG ISPR speaks about importance of strategic ties with Saudi Arabia


DUBAI – Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor has spoken about the strong relations of Pakistan with the Gulf Nations and especially the Saudi Arabia.

He said on Thursday that maintaining ties with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) is regionally important.

Talking to media in Dubai, the spokesperson of Pakistan Army’s media cell told that Pakistan shared strong ties with both Gulf countries. He said, “Pakistan’s ties with Saudia Arabia and UAE are important for the region.”

ISPR DG added that the bilateral relations are improving with every passing day. “Saudi Arabia and UAE supported Pakistan in the war against terrorism,” he stressed. ------------------------------

He reaffirmed that the armed forces have eradicated terrorists from the border areas. “There are terrorist sanctuaries close to Pakistan-Afghanistan border on the Afghan side,” ISPR DG pointed out.

Meanwhile, he met Faisal J Abbas, Editor in Chief of Arab News, and Mohammed Almezel, Managing Editor of Gulf News, during the Dubai visit.

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