Pakistan among top 10 destinations to travel

Pakistan among top 10 destinations to travel

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan is among the top 10 places to travel, according to Cassie De Pecol, the first person to have traveled all 196 countries on the planet.

According to a private news channel, Pecol, who comes from Connecticut in US, has become the envy of all the people who enjoy travelling.

She shared a list with Telegraph of 10 places she thinks everyone must visit in their lifetime and Pakistan came on #5.

Speaking about the why people should travel to Pakistan, she wrote "To get a true sense of raw, authentic Asian culture, and for the food."

Earlier, she also shared her love for the country on asocial media.

"My time here in Pakistan has just begun and has been one of the many wonderfully educational and culturally enriching experiences.

Don't judge by its colour or a country by the media," she wrote in an Instagram post.