NASA to shed light on Exoplanet, outside Solar System

NASA to shed light on Exoplanet, outside Solar System

WASHINGTON: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that it would hold an important press conference on Wednesday regarding exoplanets, a planet which orbits a star outside the Solar System.

According to a tweet by NASA, researchers will hold a press conference on Wednesday to shed light on exoplanets. The press conference will take place at 01:00 PM Eastern Time.Listeners will also be able to participate in an interactive session with the researchers.

Exoplanets have always been the subject of discussion. The first ones discovered were Jupiter-like gas giants orbiting stars outside our Solar System. Many expect the discovery of rocky earth-like planets in our galaxy that are similar to the earth in terms of mass and temperature.

Exoplanets are deemed as having the potential to sustain life. NASA makes great efforts to study exoplanet.