AJK Government launches development projects for youth

AJK Government launches development projects for youth

MIRPUR (AJK) (APP): Under the broad-based vision of the PML (N) Supremo and Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz, the popularly-elected PML (N) government of AJK has fixed the priorities to ensure the overall socio economic development of AJK including the brighter future of the youth in the region through their due role in various projects of mass public welfare.

Talking to APP on Wednesday, AJK minister for Sports, Youth and Culture, Ch. Muhammad Saeed said that the government was determined to implement its pre-election commitment to overcome the unemployment and alleviate poverty in AJK through opening new vistas of employment in the upcoming development projects in hydel power and tourism sector, for which huge natural resources and conducive environment was already available in AJK.

He revealed that Youth Policy would be announced soon since the government is seriously contemplating to this direction for ensuring the youth uplift programs.

He said that the government was determined to materialize the idea of turning AJK a most attractive hub of prospective tourism activities in South Asia with the due assistance and cooperation of various nation-building institutions of the federal government. Various development projects would be launched in different parts of AJK under the proposed plan for further raising the living standard of the common man in the area.

The government has directed the concerned machinery to identify the problems of the common man, in detail, coupled with the healthy proposal for their rapid solution.

To a question about his home constituency of Mirpur, he said that the besides all other parts of AJK, the government was determined to turn Mirpur into a most attractive and model city of international repute through the uplift of the area where a most conducive and peaceful atmosphere was available for the purpose.

He said that a grand development program for Mirpur including supply of sui natural gas to rest parts of Mirpur city, completion of timely completion of the under-construction Mirpur Islamgagrh bridge, greater water supply and sewerage schemes in Mirpur city and adjoining hamlets is the top priority of the new government.

Acceleration of business and economic activities in the area would lead to the overall socio-economic uplift and to raise the living style of the common man in AJK, he added.