US drone crashes in Kandahar, South Afghanistan

US drone crashes in Kandahar, South Afghanistan
KABUL: US Air Force official claimed that an American MQ-9 drone worth $14 million has crashed in Kandahar airfield, Southern Afghanistan.


No injuries and damage due to crash were reported yet.


US dismissed any possibility of drone shot by militant firing.


US Air Force Captain Bryan Bouchard claimed that “The crash was contained on Kandahar airfield and US Air Force authorities will investigate the cause of the crash, but hostile fire was not a factor.”


A similar drone was also crashed at same location in November 2015.


MQ-9 is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used by US forces in raids on  militants.


It can carry up to 1,700 kg ammunition and remotely controlled by aircrew staff from a remote location.


US Air Force has boosted its campaign against militant groups in Afghanistan.


The increase in drone strikes was observed when US State Department nominated Khorasan branch of ISIL as a terrorist organization.


At least 356 people have been killed in Afghanistan in 57-61 US drone strikes during Feb. 2016.